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- Only softcore erotic sites
- Presence of free galleries at your site (photos or videos or pics)
- Nice design
- No hard erotic, no pup up, no consoles, no illegal, no blind or misleading links

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Toplist determines your domain name and ID from database using HTTP_REFERER.

If your domain name 2 times is in the database, INs will be counted for the first ID from the top of the list only.

Anchors for link and banner: nude, erotic, sexy, photo, photographer, art, glamour, girls, woman, lady, nudes, pretty, teen, tits, natural, nice, beautiful, body, young and other similar.

- IN counts after 1 uniq HIT and 1 CLICK
- Toplist resets every Sunday
- Toplist updated every 10 minutes

If you need some domains for one ID, write me I'll add in base yours domains with your one ID. Example your ID 7777 and domain in account - and you want more. I make list in base:
7777 |
7777 |
7777 |

All HITs from this domains (from all pages) counts to ID 7777.


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